TRY NOT TO LAUGH (African Edition

10.07.2020 г.
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  • if ksi was a anime character he would sakura and choji combined but different color.

    Yourboi BiscuitsYourboi Biscuitsпреди 18 минути
  • I honestly find it irritating how everyone thinks all Africans speak like Nigerians🤦🏽‍♂️ it's really annoyin'

    Tjiurimo KatjerunguTjiurimo Katjerunguпреди 2 часа
  • @JJ Olatunji title : try not to laugh KSI: Laughs at every one........

    Freestyle jungzFreestyle jungzпреди 3 часа
  • Nobody: I am going to cash in my lottery ticket. Guy: Don't do it!

    Jack MarksJack Marksпреди 5 часа
  • 😂😂

    Albey C MathewAlbey C Mathewпреди 7 часа
  • 7:44 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Big BoiiBig Boiiпреди 12 часа
  • His laugh is literally a try not laugh by itself and the black church one I went to a black church and there was people on there knees having a seizure

    Brett QuennellBrett Quennellпреди 14 часа
  • I want another African edition

    WolfiePlayz18YTWolfiePlayz18YTпреди 17 часа
  • lol J”

    cédee binghamcédee binghamпреди 20 часа
  • when he doesnt realize the african punishment was the cop checking them

    Izaiah MartinezIzaiah Martinezпреди 21 час
  • just saying theres an Xbox 360 which is higher than an Xbox 120????

    soccr_ fnbrsoccr_ fnbrпреди 22 часа
  • Man forgot the closing bracket on the title

    MinchangasMinchangasпреди 23 часа
  • I'm not sure if jj was being sarcastic or not about the gout meat

    axsgotgame 5452axsgotgame 5452преди ден

    Ahmed Mehamed HasenAhmed Mehamed Hasenпреди ден
  • Try to laugh challenege

    Pure EmanPure Emanпреди ден
  • I feel like JJ’s beard means something in Morse code

    Du BebeDu Bebeпреди ден
  • Don’t disrespect king Beet 😡😡😡

    ElitePeteElitePeteпреди ден
  • Where's the end of the parenthesis in the video title?

    SkyscxpesSkyscxpesпреди ден
  • all i know i am arbic but i eat goat me like if you do

    Rayan FaydRayan Faydпреди ден
  • khbhh;

    Owais MabroukOwais Mabroukпреди ден
  • auntie be filling it

    L MylesL Mylesпреди ден

    9 year olds play fortnite9 year olds play fortniteпреди ден

    richard klamprichard klampпреди ден
  • YO JJ, CAN YOU SAY “remember, stay out of the fire, super high level tactic remember that yea?” PLS SAY THIS ON YOUR NEXT VIDDDD

    AKLASAKLASпреди 2 дни
  • i love goat!

    Shejal PatelShejal Patelпреди 2 дни
  • Lol, I just realized he forgot the 2. )

    Xce_ptional YTXce_ptional YTпреди 2 дни
  • i too enjoy laughing at africans

    ChildChildпреди 2 дни
  • 10:54 my parents bro 😂😂

    SnaggerSnaggerпреди 2 дни
  • Чёрная версия, реально

    Вячеслав ХарчилаваВячеслав Харчилавапреди 2 дни
  • So love goat meat

    Ocean SantOcean Santпреди 2 дни
  • Nobody:..... Ksi not putting the end bracket in :)

    om jonesom jonesпреди 2 дни
  • damn ksi gay keke

    Jakeyy HillerJakeyy Hillerпреди 2 дни
  • You’ll never cover Gervinhos forehead JJ

    SlimeySlimeyпреди 2 дни

    I I II I Iпреди 2 дни
  • 10:17 goat is insanley nice jj i agree 100 percent

    Mico Zenati-ParsonsMico Zenati-Parsonsпреди 2 дни
  • *_is that missing bracket/parenthesis annoying anyone else?_*

    IestDerrIestDerrпреди 2 дни
  • you dropped this -> )

    YNL BreezyYNL Breezyпреди 2 дни
  • dude my eye hurts your beard looks really dumb

    Kazuma-kunKazuma-kunпреди 2 дни
  • sus

    Jaxxon CunninghamJaxxon Cunninghamпреди 2 дни
  • do i spot an activate windows watermark

    ayub laribiayub laribiпреди 2 дни
  • u want to have some Goat meat .... Come to India Bro....

    Paraj ParabParaj Parabпреди 3 дни
  • Ur beard is so funny its like u take a marker and put dots all over ur chin

    Uma ReddyUma Reddyпреди 3 дни
  • JJ said,"Goat is delicious"so basically A G.O.A.T said,"Goat is delicious"

    VeLoCiTiEVeLoCiTiEпреди 3 дни
  • Bro u make me chill

    Moving MoUNTaiNSMoving MoUNTaiNSпреди 3 дни
  • Jj why you shiting on beetlejuice

    Christopher MendezChristopher Mendezпреди 3 дни
  • 3:14 Auntie: Give me the Holy Water!

    Among usAmong usпреди 3 дни
  • i literally got 4 ads in this same video whyyyyyyy

    Dark BomberDark Bomberпреди 3 дни
  • Oi I beg someone tells me what that last movie is called? Or whatever it is

    Enock HopeEnock Hopeпреди 3 дни
  • Jj I’ll help you here it’s TRY NOT TO LAUGH (african edition)

    Calm LifeCalm Lifeпреди 3 дни
  • 10:20 can't disagree "mutton" is amaaazziiinggg

    Rahima AkterRahima Akterпреди 3 дни
  • bruh we have to do plank at rugby training for 1min

    i like ur cut gi like ur cut gпреди 3 дни
  • nice teeth dude 0:02

    ZpantomZpantomпреди 3 дни
  • Goat is delicious

    Eyuel WindimagegnEyuel Windimagegnпреди 3 дни
  • Who is whatching this in the morning at 6 am before u go school

    m1loss 3m1loss 3преди 3 дни
  • Don’t cover de judge by...ahhhh Don’t judge the cava by ..ahhhh Judge the cava by de....aaaahhhhhh WHATEVER JUST DONT DO IT 💀 That’s a strong message graaaape 🍇

    Junior PuletuaJunior Puletuaпреди 3 дни
  • My parents get angry for a B like cmon

    TNM _RUSHTNM _RUSHпреди 3 дни
  • Personal PT

    MUTMUTпреди 3 дни
  • Anybody know the name of that last show? I want to watch it

    That Rapper You Never Heard OfThat Rapper You Never Heard Ofпреди 3 дни
  • Charm city kids

    loser voltzloser voltzпреди 3 дни
  • Lol

    RokiDoki GamerRokiDoki Gamerпреди 3 дни
  • Bless my child

    Default trooper Code: 135Default trooper Code: 135преди 3 дни
  • I am the only who is bothered by that missing parenthesis in (African Edition. ???

    Nabanshu BarmanNabanshu Barmanпреди 4 дни
  • Naija has the funniest people 😂

    Jemima Donut OtubanjoJemima Donut Otubanjoпреди 4 дни
  • It’s beetle juice

    Kushal RAYAMAJHIKushal RAYAMAJHIпреди 4 дни
  • if it is African addition why was there a water well at the beginning

    Some_bullcrapSome_bullcrapпреди 4 дни

    Tuha VimahiTuha Vimahiпреди 4 дни
  • It’s been four months, and he still hasn’t added the end parentheses.

    F1ix FNF1ix FNпреди 4 дни
  • Why not to eat goat?

    Shobhit SharmaShobhit Sharmaпреди 4 дни
  • yh iam a personal pt when pt stands for personal training so really he said so iam a personal personal trainer LMAO

    SizzleFNSizzleFNпреди 4 дни
  • When you what this video it was even funnier 😆😆☺🙄😁😀😂🤣

    Keturah AlexandreKeturah Alexandreпреди 4 дни
  • This is true bra🇿🇦church is mad fun.!! 😂😂😂🤣

    Phenyo MolapoPhenyo Molapoпреди 4 дни
  • ꉔꄲꂵꏂ💃ꄲꋊ🕺ꇙꁝꋬꀘꏂ💃ꌦꄲ꒤ꋪ🕺 ꃳꄲ꒯ꌦ💃 ꃳꋬꃳꌦ🕺꒯ꄲ💃꓄ꁝꋬ꓄🕺 ꉔꄲꋊꍌꋬ,💃ꀘꋊꄲꅐ🕺ꌦꄲ꒤💃ꉔꋬꋊ꓄ 🕺ꉔꄲN꓄ꋪꄲ꒒💃ꌦꄲ꒤ꋪꇙꏂ꒒ꊰ🕺ꋬꋊꌦ 💃꒒ꄲꋊꍌꏂꋪ🕺💃🕺💃🕺

    Leonel MartinezLeonel Martinezпреди 4 дни
  • It’s just 89,PlayStation x 😒😂🤣

    Tejhan PalmerTejhan Palmerпреди 4 дни
  • Oi I feel I feel it 😅😂🤣

    Tejhan PalmerTejhan Palmerпреди 4 дни
  • Who else noticed the mistake in the title

    AcrobroAcrobroпреди 4 дни
    • It’s ment to be Nigerian not Africa

      Fortnite GamerFortnite Gamerпреди 4 дни
  • Can’t find funny stuff search KSU

    IIconiczx MIIconiczx Mпреди 4 дни
  • JJ:damn we all gay Me: who the hell is we?

    JAZZEA. exodusJAZZEA. exodusпреди 5 дни
  • )

    KhritosKhritosпреди 5 дни
  • U forgot to pray this year😂😢

    Rainbow ClanRainbow Clanпреди 5 дни
  • If a orange is orange how is carrot not a carrot.

    Jason bruhJason bruhпреди 5 дни
  • JJ here is the other “ ) “ for your title

    X XX Xпреди 5 дни
  • Goat meat is bombbbbb

    Naadir FarzanNaadir Farzanпреди 5 дни
  • U missed the second parentheses

    Arjun- EditorArjun- Editorпреди 5 дни
  • ... .... ... ... .........

    •Milky••Milky•преди 5 дни
  • Don’t disrespect beetlejuice bro, not cool

    KyziersKyziersпреди 5 дни
  • Yes! I've been through the same thing too. I donated so much in my of church but turns out the priest was a rapist too.

    Heidi C.SHeidi C.Sпреди 5 дни
  • So he thinks only africans love goat? Im white and im muslim that eats goat my dad invites me to sluaghter the goats bro i went to the car everytime I smell the goat I hated it bro

    High RadiatonHigh Radiatonпреди 5 дни
  • I had a good laugh. Thank you I finally stopped crying👌

    StregicStregicпреди 5 дни
  • 1:08 i think he's subtracting a negative from a positive.

    Matteo JohnMatteo Johnпреди 5 дни
  • He has an African uncle laugh

    Adjoua EhoussouAdjoua Ehoussouпреди 5 дни
  • I'm Asian and this is so relatable 🤣🤣🤣

    Joy VenJoy Venпреди 5 дни
  • I am arabic and i new some English but I need help what does rapist means.

    HAMZA-24HAMZA-24преди 5 дни
  • I dislike because You mean to beatlejuice

    Tomas BlokkenTomas Blokkenпреди 5 дни
  • 7:20 dababys brother daadult

    Justanormal PersonJustanormal Personпреди 5 дни
  • we beat rice gum lets gooooooooooo bois

    BurritoBurritoпреди 5 дни
  • Play statiooonnX 🤣🤣

    RoozbehRoozbehпреди 5 дни
  • "Volume to the max level, hears his laugh turns back down"

    Haleem KhanHaleem Khanпреди 6 дни
  • That Why I don’t want to girlfriend

    gg123 pgg123gg123 pgg123преди 6 дни
  • a

    NikodemNikodemпреди 6 дни
  • 6:44 "yeah, im a personal PT"

    / TrygveDude \/ TrygveDude \преди 6 дни